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السلام عليكم

Welcome to Al-Hadaya

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.”

With our belief at heart, we blend faith with design to curate innovative and contemporary gifts for the Ummah of today.

We bring to you a range of unique Islamic novelties and products to giveaway to your loved ones, that can be one of your Sadaqah Jariyah!!

Along with beautifully wrapping and packing your giveaways, we top them with your customized messages to keep the aroma of your feelings alive. 

We would love to serve as a medium for your Sadaqah Jariyah and keep your inspiration of faith high.

 لا حول ولا ولا قووتة إلا بالله 

There is no power nor strength except by Allah !!

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Inspired by Holy Lands

Mecca and Medina Style Giveaways

Unique Premium Giveaways

A Premium range of Luxury Halal Giveaways

Persian Inspired Giveaways

Unique Giveaways inspired by Holy Land

Personalized Giveaways

Beautiful Gifts curated with your personal messages

Perosnalised Quran & Prayer Mat Sets

Giveaway Ramadan & Eid Favors with Al-Hadaya's Beautiful gifts that act as sadaqah jariyah.

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