Imported Turkish Islamic Home Table Decor | Maqam-e-Ibrahim | Small- Golden

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ThePlace: Maqam Ibrahim, the stone on which the Prophet stood.

Maqam Ibrahim is a stone on which the prophet stood when the Kaaba was being built. The stone is 50 centimeters long on each side and has two footprints in the middle in the form of two oval pits.

when the Kaaba was being built, the walls became too high and Prophet Ibrahim stood on a stone that miraculously lifted him to build the walls and lowered him so he could collect stones from his son, Prophet Ismail.

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Maqam Ibrahim, which translates to “The Station of Ibrahim” and means “the place where Prophet Ibrahim stood,” refers to a small square stone that sits inside a glass and metal enclosure near the Kaba. This stone bears the imprint of Prophet Ibrahim’s feet as the Kaba was being built.
Cherish the specialness of this holy site with a beautiful replica of the enclosure that houses Maqam Ibrahim. Showcases the 99 Names of Allah, and the dazzling rhinestone accents make this one of a kind piece truly shine! Perfect as a decoration for your home, or as a gift to others on special occasions.

4.5in (11.43cm) wide, 8in (20.32cm) tall
2lbs (4lbs shipped)
Polyresin, with rhinestone accents.

*Please note, due to the manufacturing process and hand-finished detailing, there may be minor defects.
Made in Turkey

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 35 × 10 cm


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