Turbah Karbala – Zayaret Ashura – Made in Karbala Grade AAA quality


Turbah of Imam Hussain A.S.Made in Karbala with Karbalas Soil.

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This Turbah is the highest grade and it’s made in Karbala shipped to Iraq to India and distributed from Al-Hadaya.

(Divine) reward for the reciter of Dhikr (who keep this turbah in his/her hand)
High spiritual effects on human (by touching it to the body)
Safety against calamities, and every fear
Safety for children (newborns)
100% Karbala soil ; This is made from 100% Karbala soil, the prayer beads INCLUDES the soil from the ‘bayn al haramayn’ between the two Shrines during the construction it was dug out and used.

According to Islamic (Shi’i) narrations, “Turbah Karbala” has diverse effects and prostrating on it is considered as a Mustahab (recommended) practice during the time of prayer(s) or Duas. Let us know if you have further questions.
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**Ziyarat e Ashura :- benefits of reciting ziarat e Ashura are:
1. Providence increases
2. Life span increases
3. Needs are fulfilled
4. The sins are forgiven
5. Proximity is achieved
6. Allah helps you in your hard times
7. You get the love and attachment of Imam Hussain as
8. All the fourteen “Masoomeen” get pleased with you
9. You may get intercession from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Bibi Fatima s.a.


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This item was handcrafted, hand-designed, or hand-altered with love. 

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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